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We can discuss this over the phone, but please think about what your goals and objectives are in terms of your partnership with our agency. Some of the reasons our clients (Brand Ambassadors and Speakers) choose to work with us include:

  • They want to have more thorough representation on contracts (the legal aspects).
  • Get more remuneration than they would on their own (we usually gross a minimum of 15% more on the contracts we negotiate and as much as 100% more when a client is charging too little).
  • Grow their speaking or brand ambassador careers (more work and opportunities).
  • Allow us to play the “bad guy” role if/when contracts go sideways.
  • Allow us to negotiate for better terms without the talent (client) sounding demanding (or greedy).
  • Allow us to do the “bragging” on a client to the potential partner (corporate or speaking) without the client doing their own bragging and thus sounding self-serving or arrogant.
  • The client is too busy to handle this part of their careers and want to outsource the labor of contracts, invoicing, vendor set ups, etc.
  • Protection during the execution of contracts when the corporation tries to get “free” work that deserves compensation.
  • Up to date rate recommendations (so you don’t charge too much or too little for what the market can bear.)
  • Training or coaching (during execution of existing contracts) for work the client hasn’t done before (a larger audience, an SMT, etc).

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