Apparently, the check is in the mail! We’ve all heard that before. I remember a magazine publisher who took a bunch of the writers to a conference in Fort Worth, TX. Somehow we ended up at Billy Bob’s and I found myself riding a mechanical bull–while wearing a suit and heels! Yee haw! I stayed on the bull longer than anyone and it was a wild ride. However, much to my dismay, the bull ride didn’t end at Billy Bob’s. Several months later, that magazine publisher got behind in their cash dispursements for their writers. They owed me $2500 and kept saying that “the check was in the mail”–right before they announced bankruptcy! What a buncha bull!

But this time, we have the President of the United States telling us that the checks are in the mail.

According to the AP news release, Bush said tax rebates will start going out Monday, earlier than expected, and should help Americans cope with rising food prices and gasoline costs, as well as aid a slumping economy. “Starting Monday, the effects of the stimulus will begin to reach millions of households across our country,” Bush said Friday in remarks on the South Lawn of the White House.

But these checks won’t help most Americans unless they follow three steps found in my 10/10/80 Rule (TM) :

  1. 10% – Give Generously – This may seem like a radical way to start dividing your tax rebate check, but it’s a way to help everyone–including yourself. Giving is the new cool. Look no further than Oprah’s new hit reality show, “The Big Give” or Bill Clinton’s new bestseller, “Giving.” But don’t leave the giving to Oprah and Bill. Here’s your chance to live like a millionaire and give 10% to your community, region or even the world. Buy groceries and give them to the homeless shelter, buy some new socks and underwear for the kids up the street whose dad got laid off work. By giving away the first 10%, you’re helping the economy, helping your neighbors and helping yourself feel good in the fact you can give.
  2. 10% – Save Safely — One of the safest things you can do with this part of your check is to put it in your savings account. Let’s face it, baby, the economy isn’t too stable and you need as big a buffer between you and creditors as possible–this is found by putting away some dough to bake future bread. So save at least 10%, if not more!
  3. 80% – Spend Smartly — Is smartly a word? If it is, then now is the time to behave smartly. This means that you spend it in a way that will s-t-r-e-t-c-h your dollars as far as possible. Buying a big screen TV and paying full price for it, just because you have the money is s-t-u-p-i-d. But buying that big screen TV at a store that offers “low price guarantees” such as Wal-mart, means that you’re paying the least price possible and will have money left over to put toward credit card debt. Just because you have it, doesn’t mean you should fritter it away. Save money and live well at the same time.

So enjoy the rebates, but make that enjoyment last as long as possible by giving it away, putting it away and spending it away–all in a smart way!

Ellie Kay

America’s Family Financial Expert (R)

©2016-2020 Ellie Kay


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