When our daughter, aka “Bunny” was three years old, she was convinced she would marry her Papa when she grew up. He was and is her hero.

Well, Bunny’s hero (Bob) and I went to see the movie about another hero who was a firefighter featured in “Fireproof” http://www.fireproofmymarriage.com/ . It was made for $1 million dollars and as of this morning had grossed $20 million, a certifiable and unexplainable “hit” by Hollywood standards. The New York Times reviewer said: “Fireproof may not be the most profound movie ever made, but it does have its commendable elements” and “But the cast of mostly amateurs (Mr. Cameron of “Growing Pains” being the exception) is surprisingly good.”

During the movie, I laughed, I cried, I cringed (at some of the acting). But we left feeling that three couples we know, who are on the brink of divorce, should see it and maybe it would save their marriage.

Saving marriages is also a big part of my work, believe it or not. When the number one reason cited in divorce is “arguments over money” I wanted to see if this “marriage movie” dealt with economic issues. Money made its appearance, when the main character put his money where his mouth was and as a result, his wife returned to their marriage.

With an eye on the economy, we need to talk about keeping an eye on one of the main victims of difficult economic times–the American marriage. Believing that communication about money matters is the key, I developed the “Money Workout” which dedicates one hour to talking through your money issues with your mate. It has made a huge differences in marriages and if you want a copy of this workout, just email assistant@elliekay.com and put “Money Workout” in the subject line.

Don’t let the economy make your relationship the next victim, fireproof your marriage.

Ellie Kay

“America’s Family Financial Expert”


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