I love a challenge and am something of a risk taker. But I try to play it safe, too. Does that make sense? In other words, if I’m going to jump out of an airplane, I’m going to make sure the skydive center is certified, has a solid safety history and my instructor is experienced. In the happy pic, you can see where I’m in the sky with Jack Hammer, who had 3,000 jumps to his credit.

I’m also one to look at our present economic crisis as a challenge as well. I don’t recommend risky endeavors like speculative investments or get rich quick techniques. However, I do think it’s appropriate to take other “risks” to get out of debt–like downsizing a house, or going from a two car family to a one car family for a season. Even shopping at consignment stores or growing your own veggies can be an adventure to some.

Families are trying to recover from the mortgage and wall street meltdowns just in time to face the next big challenge–credit card debt. Stay posted to get the latest news on how to manage your credit card debt and here’s a special announcement for those who are right in the middle of this challenge. It’s an adventure you and I can take together!


Are you a young family struggling with consumer debt? If you are over $20K in credit card debt and need support, there is an opportunity to work with me as I help you negotiate with your lenders and work towards paying down your debt. A national television show may follow you every step of the way. Email us at assistant@elliekay.com if you are interested.

Just remember that no matter what the headlines read today, you can still take steps to face the challenge and succeed. But watch out for that first step, it’s a doozie!

Ellie Kay
America’s Family Financial Expert (R)

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