I was recently in New York on the set of a fun new show called “Good Money” and I solicited questions from this blog to ask on the air. By now you know if the producer chose your question to read on the air and you also have a free copy of my new book, The Little Book of Big Savings (Waterbrook, 2009) on its way to your mailbox! If you didn’t win this time, don’t give up! We’ll post new ways to win a copy of my books in the future.

Here is a link of me answering your questions on ABC News Now – Good Money. Follow this live link to listen to my answers to the following award winning questions:

  • My husband and I want to get out of debt, but we each have a different idea as to how to go about achieving this. Any advice on how to get on the “same page”? Bren Jones – Vienna, WV
  • Deals4moms.org said… After all your experiences with counseling couples, can you say that your financial advice has helped to save marriages?If yes, what are the 3 top things that helped those couples?
  • Audrey asked…Here’s my question-if one spouse makes more than the other, how can the budget be equalized?
  • L A Hughes said… Dear Ellie Kay,I saw your advice to the married couple who found it difficult to communicate about spending on Nightline. My question concerns couples who are dating, engaged, etc : Do you have any suggestions or tips for how couples can learn discover, understand or achieve common ground about attitudes about money–before marriage–without sacrificing romance, or without seeming pushy?
  • How can you have some fun and adventure with your spouse when you really shouldn’t spend money to go out on a date night once a week because you have so many other bills to pay, and it gets boring just sitting home watching a movie and ordering a pizza or worse making your own dinner when it is supposed to be a break from the routine and not work. Kim from Manchester, Maryland.
  • OK, guys, we’ll do this again in the future and please remember I didn’t choose the questions to air, the producer did!

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