Win My New Book – Questions on College Credit Cards

Once again, it’s time to give you a chance to win a copy of my new book, The Little Book of Big Savings . In case you missed the discussion about paying for college, then take a peek at ABC News Now for last week’s media appearance. It answers questions as to how we are putting all of our kids through school debt free.
You’ll see from previous blogs that others have already won their free book and this week, I’m throwing in one of my other titles as well: Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees.

I’ll be guesting on a national show on August 28th talking about: Credit card debt for college students: How to avoid getting buried in debt and finding ways to consistently pay if off even though they don’t have a steady income.

Get creative and ask me your questions on this blog or by emailing them to . If the producer selects your question to have me answer on the air, I’ll send you both of my books as a way of saying “thank you.” We need to have your questions posted or submitted no later than Tues, Aug 25th at 6:00 PM (PST).

Happy Savings,

Ellie Kay
America’s Family Financial Expert (R)

  1. delana 10 years ago

    Hi Ellie,
    My son is starting his junior year this year. He is doing volunteer work at the local hospital. Active in Varsity Marching band, Taking all AP or PreAP classes but attends a very competitive high school. How do I begin to look for scholarships and schools that offer them?
    DeLana McNabb Jones

  2. Joey and Elizabeth 10 years ago

    Hey Ellie,
    My mother has always liked your stuff, and now that it directly applies to me, I am so thankful for all your advice!!
    I am a college grad, and by God's grace I was not caught up in the crazy credit card debt that most get in.
    Lord-willing, I hope to have children of my own one day. How do I instruct and guide them as the time for college approaches?
    My parents did a wonderful job, but two of sisters have already found themselves in over their heads in debt. It hurts me to see them this way!

  3. Gigi 10 years ago

    Do you think financial education is a much needed subject to college students? Overextending college credit cards is the result of poor financial education done by parents or by the university? What is the better way for our society to financially educate our future college graduates. I know that credit card becomes a necessity if there is no cash available. I finished college without credit cards because I lived within my means, if I or my parents dont have the cash, I dont buy, I find ways to become resourceful to get books, supplies, clothes, etc.

  4. One Body With Many Members 10 years ago

    What can my daughter and us, as parents do to help her stay out of debt?


  5. jensesan 10 years ago

    I have three sons in college right now. They all are paying their own way since my husband recently lost his job. What financial help is available to them? Should I encourage them to avoid credit cards?

  6. LeAnn 10 years ago

    How do you talk to your college age son about finances without them becoming resentful?

    Most of our children are very frugal but we have one who, though he works hard, spends every penny and then some. Now that he is in college he is still spending money he doesn't have. He just got a credit card against our advice and we are worried.

  7. jensesan 10 years ago

    Hi Ellie!
    A friend told me that you can get a credit card for your child that has built in parental controls. What exactly is that, and do you recommend it?

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