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It’s time for you to have another chance to win a copy of Ellie Kay’s new book, “The Little Book of Big Savings” (Waterbrook/Random House, 2009).

According to a new study, the new frugality is here to stay. The report indicates that post-recession spending is predicted to be at 86% of what it was pre-recession. So that means, Americans will be spending 14% less than we did before our economy tanked.

Along those lines, how you are going to be frugal during the holidays this year? What are you frugal tips to save?

Enter your frugal ideas at Ellie’s blog at: and/or send a copy of your tips to .

If the producer selects your questions to air on ABC NEWS “Good Money” on Sept 15, 2009, we will send you a free copy of Ellie’s book! Please be sure to send us your email address, so we can contact you if you win.

The deadline for submissions is September 14, 2009 at 6:00 PM PST .

Happy Savings!
Ellie Kay
America’s Family Financial Expert (R)
  1. Tracy 9 years ago

    Shop the sales, do your research on line before you buy. Then when you make the purchase pay cash out of the money you set aside to spend for Christmas gifts.

  2. Tracey 9 years ago

    We plan on giving family gifts instead of individual gifts. We want to give gift cards for family outings to minimize excess "stuff" entering our homes. We're thinking trips to a local museum, zoo, bowling alley, etc.

  3. Natalie Caruso Suarez 9 years ago

    Instead of buying premade seasoning packets — ie chili or taco seasoning — make your own with the same simple ingredients in your own pantry. Mix in an airtight container and have on hand for all those meals. Also makes a great cheap gift — add your favorit recipe for the personal flair.

  4. Natalie Caruso Suarez 9 years ago

    Stop buying bottled water period. With the recent studies showing concerns regarding the plastic leaking toxic chemicals as well as the massive landfill contribution,the fact you are paying more for a 20 oz bottle than you would for the same amount of gas, the water may be less healthy or no better than from your own sink or refrigerator faucet — plus the cost. Invest in a aluminum or stainless steel water bottle for each member of your family and refill away!! Your decision will not only result in significant yearly savings you will also be doing a good thing for the environment (immeasurable savings) and protecting your health (also immeasurable savings.

  5. samuelsadoption 9 years ago

    Well, I shop year round. I start the day after Christmas and buy from the sales racks. So far I have gotten a friends children all matching Christmas pj's for dirt cheap and most of my children's Christmas. Just today I bought my youngest two a snorkel and mask set for 1.50 each. My oldest has two new pairs of baseball pants for less than 1 pair during baseball season. It doesn't affect the budget as much and gives me an excuse to shop. =)

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