Debt Free Holidays — Can You Do It?

Do you want to have a Debt Free Holiday?

Here is another chance for you to win a copy of Ellie’s newest book, The Little Book of Big Savings (Waterbrook, 2009) by having Ellie answer your question on ABC News Now’s Good Money Show on November 17.

Despite the recession and rising unemployment, the holidays still insist on arriving! Once again, we are approaching the time of the year when retailers will make or break their profit margins based on Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

Do you have financial concerns about the upcoming holiday expenses? Do you believe that this year its going to be a buyers market? Are you looking for a strategic holiday spending plan? Do you think it is possible to get through the season debt free?

If you have questions you’d like to have Ellie answer on the air, we would like to hear from you! What question(s) would you like to ask Ellie about the upcoming holiday season? The producers of ABC News Now will select the questions for Ellie to answer on Good Money.

Please e-mail your questions to by 11/16 or post them here on Ellie’s blog.

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  1. srvg 10 years ago

    What I am suggesting for everyone to do this holiday season – and for every other gift-giving occasion that comes up is the following: Give consumeable gifts such as fruit, chocolate, wine or gift cards for morning coffee from places such as Dunkin' Donuts, Starbucks, Krispy Kreme Donuts and from local Bagel stores and the like. In addition, to give gift cards for a manicure or in small amounts to Target or other all-inclusive type of store for a great selection when redeeming. A family gift card to Hollywood Video/Blockbuster or a pizzeria would also make very welcome gifts. As a Teaching Assistant I really appreciate Dunkin' Donuts and Barnes & Noble or Borders or Target — it's a real treat that lasts for weeks as I can go once a week to pick up a muffin or donut and when I really want to treat myself to adding a new book on photography to my collection.

    As far as Family goes: spending time with people having spaghetti or wine & cheese or dessert is much more enjoyable than running ragged trying to find a $10 gift that really falls short of what you would love to give to them. Going together to a museum, walking the boardwalk, going to a community activity are all so worthwhile and very low cost.

    With teens it's a little more challenging as their "toys" are very high-cost with technology being in demand for their needs today. Suggest that they pick out a few ideas on the low end and then ask that everyone contribute to a savings jar so that money can be saved up to reach the goal of replacing an old TV with a 36" LCD or HD tv — no stress of using credit — just delaying the immediate gratification impluse:).

    Little children, less is really more — especially when you may have several relatives presenting them with gifts that will keep the celebrating going!!

    I truly believe that most of us in the middle class need to pay down all our credit card/equity debt and keep saving until we have reached a minimum of 4 months of total living expenses in a safe bank account. The recession really hit us very hard and it started at least 3 years ago. It has swept us into such financial distress that we need to regain our footing. This is so important for our children who will inherit the problems that have been created and aggravated over the past couple of years. It's their future we need to be concerned with too!!

    We are struggling with which direction to take: debt consolidation;debt reduction;mortgage remodification;going back to school to improve job prospects;looking for better paying jobs;adding a part-time job;as well as cutting back on everything — especially food/household expenses/haircuts/driving less and using less all over!!!!

    This is not easy and we are plenty worried about it 24/7…..

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