We will be giving free, autographed copies of Heroes at Home to anyone whose question is read on ABC News Now’s GOOD MONEY show on Friday, December 11th

The deadline for your questions is: Thursday, noon PST, December 10

Topic: Military Money

  • Do you know someone in the military or are you a military family?
  • Do you have a question about how to manage your money in the military?
  • Maybe you are having trouble budgeting?
  • What are some of your specific money problems?
  • What are some of your financial stresses in the military?
  • Or you might want to help the military and don’t know how?

Ask Ellie any military money related question and if your question is read on the air, you could win a copy of Heroes at Home: Help and Hope for Military Families. This is a book that has 100,000 copies in print and is helping servicemembers and their families all around the world!

Remember the ABCs of past prize winning questions:

  • Accuracy– Questions that accurately fit the show’s theme for the day are most relevant. This week’s theme is “Military Money.”
  • Brevity – If it takes two minutes to ask the question, then it won’t be selected. A question that can fit into a 10 to 15 second soundbite is ideal.
  • Clarity – The world of TV news revolves around questions asked in a way that is easily understood by viewers. Please email your questions to: assistant@elliekay.com or posted on Ellie’s blog right here!

We look forward to hearing from YOU as you join Ellie on ABC News!

Submit all questions right here on Ellie’s blog https://www.elliekay.com/ and/or send a copy of the question to: assistant@elliekay.com

Thank you for supporting our military!

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