We will be giving copies of “Living Rich for Less” to anyone whose question Ellie reads on ABC News Now’s “GOOD MONEY” show on Friday, January 15th.
The deadline for your questions is: Wednesday, noon PST, January 13, 2009
Topic: Healthy and Wealthy in the New Year
In today’s economy can you still get healthy and stay on a budget? When is buying exercise equipment a good investment? What about plans like Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig–how much do they cost you (per pound) to lose weight? Is it a wise choice to invest in special treatments for youthful looking skin or is there an inexpensive way to keep your skin looking great?
Good health doesn’t have to cost your wealth and Ellie will answer these questions and more on ABC’s GOOD MONEY show. Find out the least expensive way to get fit, lose weight, live longer and feel great as Ellie looks at the latest trends in health management.
Do you have a health/wealth related question? Maybe you want to know the best way to manage your budget in relationship to health clubs, vitamins, or free ways to exercise. Send us your questions as they relate to the New Year’s resolution to get a lean body and a fat wallet. If the producers select your question, we’ll send you a free copy of Ellie’s popular hard cover book, Living Rich for Less (Waterbrook, 2009).

Remember the ABCs of past prize winning questions:

Accuracy- Questions that accurately fit the show’s theme for the day are most relevant. This week’s theme: “Lean Bodies and Fat Wallets in 2010 with Ellie Kay.”

– If it takes two minutes to ask the question, then it won’t be selected. A question that can fit into a 10 to 15 second soundbite is ideal.
Clarity – The world of TV news revolves around questions asked in a way that is easily understood by viewers.

Please email your questions to: assistant@elliekay.com or posted on Ellie’s blog at http://halfpriceliving.blogspot.com/

Or, post them on her facebook wall!

We look forward to hearing from YOU as you join Ellie on ABC News!

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