Food expenses usually rank #3 in the family budget behind housing and transportation. If you can save money in this category, it can have a major impact on your family’s finances.

All your friends tell you that you are great when it comes to stretching your dollars in the food department. How do you score on the savvy saver quiz below?  This is part two of a series on how you can see how much of a savvy saver you are when it comes to the environment, food, budgeting, entertainment and transportation. Enjoy and let me know new ways you are saving on food!


Q. How much do you currently pay for food per month per adult?

a) less than $171

b) between $172 and $217

c) between $217 and 267

d) greater than $267

Q. How many homemade family dinner meals do you make each week?

a) 6 to 7

b) 4 to 5

c) 2 to 3

d) 0 to 1

Q. How many prepared (frozen, ready to eat) family dinner meals do you make each week?

a) 0 to 1

b) 2 to 3

c) 4 to 5

d) 6 to 7

Q. How often do you take advantage of price rollbacks?

a) Every time I shop

b) Frequently

c) Occasionally

d) What’s a Price rollback? (or never)

Q. How often do you take advantage of price guarantees (the store honors price advertisements from competitors sale ads)?

a) Almost every time I shop

b) Frequently

c) Occasionally

d) Never


Welcome to the scoring section of the Food category – Give yourself the following points: every “A” answer = 4 points, every “B” answer – 3 points, every “C” answer – 2 points and every “D” answer – 1 point

16 – 20 points: 

Thrifty Taylor – Well done, you’re a SUPER SMART SHOPPER! When it comes to shopping, preparing and serving food in your home, you get the prize for being a smartest shopper on the block! You shop the rollbacks, know how to get the best values and make your family proud. You are well prepared for financial issues that arise in today’s economy and can be in a position to help others learn to be smarter shoppers as well!

11-15 points:

Low Cost Logan – Good Job, you’re a SMART SHOPPER! – You are doing a good job at keeping costs down for food and making use of your dollars. There is slight room to improve, but you are in a nice position to continue to be smart with your dollars and help your children learn to be smart shoppers as well.

6-10 points:

Moderate Morgan – Nice Work, you are a SHOPPER! – There are some areas where you’re doing better than others and there’s always room to improve. By shopping for price rollbacks, creating more foods from scratch and learning about price comparisons, you can learn to save a lot and become a smart shopper!

5 points:

Extravagant Emerson – You are a one who SHOPS! – There’s a difference between just shopping to get what you need and shopping with an eye for savings. Although you scored in the high spending spectrum of the quiz, it only means that you have the most potential to learn to save! There are a lot of strategies that can help. Just learn to steer away from a steady fare of frozen and convenience foods and make a few more homemade meals. If you learn to buy food when there are significant savings such as price rollbacks and low price guarantees, you’ll do much better. Just think, you’re beginning to learn how to shop smart!

Let me know your score and how you are saving even more!

Ellie Kay

America’s Family Financial Expert (R)

©2016-2020 Ellie Kay


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