I had five children seven and under, a fighter pilot husband who was gone more than he was home, and we had just made our eleventh military move in thirteen years. Because we moved so much, we homeschooled the kids to give the poor little dears the continuity they needed.  In the midst of keeping a clean home, volunteering at our local base, couponing, grinding our wheat and making our bread, I decided to do something totally unreasonable:  I wrote my first book, Shop, Save and Share. This photo is what we looked like when I penned the “Coupon Queen’s” book, just after coming back from my first book signing.

Besides having a high energy level at that time, the main reason I wrote a book was to help other families get out of the debt the same way we were able dig out from $40,000 in consumer debt. It seemed that writing a book was the best way to get the word out to a lot of people at once.  Fast forward twelve years, and my kids are almost all grown and gone and I now have 14 books under this expanding belt of mine. 🙂 As I reflect on whether Shop, Save and Share achieved it’s intended purpose, I introduce a guest blogger, Andrea Wiener, who will give us her story. (This is a shortened version, for the full version go to Coupon Blessings.)

Andrea’s Story:

So glad to have this opportunity to tell my story – how God used Ellie Kay and her ministry to help eliminate my $30,000 credit card debt.

 At the age of 17, I was $30,000 in debt from almost a dozen credit cards.  [In 1999] I’m prayin “Lord, I’m still up to my ears in debt and now I gotta stock up on stuff”[for Y2K].

 God quickly started answering that prayer – a few days later, Ellie Kay appeared as a guest on “Life Today” with James and Betty Robison. Ellie had just come out with Shop, Save, and Share – I was excited to read it cos’ here was somebody that made sense – and I wanted to know how to share blessings with others when I didn’t have too much myself – and a whole bunch of debt besides which.

 Ellie’s book was SO simple – I think I ended up dog-earing a few of them – her explanation of couponing and blessings were easy. Simplest concepts were new to me – like using a store coupon with a manufacturers’ coupon!

 As I mastered each concept, I immediately started using it – and moved on to the next one. I used to keep her book in my bag – that’s why it was getting so dog-eared, and I ended up having to buy a few of them.

 What I like about the book is that Ellie’s Christian worldview and integrity come out from the VERY first chapter. I remember this quote from the Shop Save and Share audio/video series – “everything we do must be done with integrity and honor” – so whenever the shelf-clearing tendencies try to take over as I shop, I go back to that.

 In 2000, all my debt was paid off. 12 years later, I have a couponing website (www.couponblessingsnow.com) and a corresponding Facebook page (CouponBlessingsNow) – but if it wasn’t for God putting Ellie Kay and Shop Save and Share into my life, I don’t think I would have any of this.

 My advice to you guys? If you haven’t already, check out Ellie Kay on her website (which is www.elliekay.com) and on her “Ellie Kay” Facebook page – you will be blessed, for she will teach you a LOT.


Thanks, Andrea, for sharing your story today and everyone be sure to check out her blog.

Ellie Kay

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