Girlfriends! You gotta love them. They are the ones who cry with us when we gain weight, have a fight with our hubbys or find out we paid full price for an item that went on sale the next day. They are also the ones who do the happy dance with us when we lose weight, have a nice date with our hubbys or find the world’s best bargain on a new purse! Here’s a pic my girlfriend, Wendy, took while we were in New York City together. I love to do three things with my girlfriends: shop, drink coffee and chocolate and have lunch! Shopping with our girlfriends can be a great way to save money, too, if you know how to shop and not flop when it comes to finding those bargains.

  • Clubbing – Warehouse clubs, like Sam’s or Costco can be a great place to save but not if you overspend to get quantity discounts. Buy these items with a friend and each will take home half of the bounty with all of the savings.
  • Perishables –While you’re at the big box store, remember that produce is least expensive purchased in bulk and in season. For example, a bushel of peaches or flat of strawberries cost less than “by the pound” purchases. Go in on these big buys together and save even more.
  • Two Fers – Department stores often run “buy one item and get the another item for a discount.” One time Brenda and I bought a trendy shirt for $20 with the second one free—so we each only paid $10!
  • New Card Discounts – If you (or a friend) want to open a store charge account for convenience then do it on a day when you’re shopping together. There is usually a “first day” discount that can range from 10% to 25% off all purchases—including clearance items. Pay your friend the cash immediately for your purchases and encourage her to pay the charge account as soon as it arrives in the mail.


  • Coupons – After all that shopping and saving, it’s time to have lunch and rest. Go to for a coupon booklet that has local restaurant values or check the Sunday paper for the coupon inserts. When you use a coupon, share the savings and double the fun.

Happy Shopping!

Ellie Kay,

America’s Family Financial Expert (R)

©2016-2020 Ellie Kay


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