Strong women are rising to the top of their fields and mom power is also on the upswing. From the RNC to the DNC and from boardrooms to soccer fields, we are seeing in the media what strong women have known all along–you don’t mess with mom.

In fact, this may very well be the year of the power mom.

I remember over a decade ago, when I went on my first business trip that lasted two days, the kids (and especially BOB) were so happy at my return that they made a welcome home banner.

Fast forward a few years and I’ve had a lot more trips, but still prioritize the family. In fact, I was interviewed on a professional and personal level for a story at entitled “Pregnancy or Paying Down Debt: How to Fit A Baby Into Your Financial Future.” The gist of the story is whether you should get your finances in tip top shape before you make the decision to have a baby.

I didn’t really have the luxury of that decision initially, because I married a good guy and instantly got two bonus babies, who were six and eight. While they were not with us full time, we were still privileged to be financially responsible for their well being. Then I had five surprise, surprise pregancies in seven years for a total of seven children. I left my job as a broker and became broke because I also inherited $40K in debt. But being broke wasn’t my destiny. I knew it was just for a season.

We paid down debt on one income and never regretted having a single one of those children. (Although there were days when I would have traded ALL of them for a good night’s sleep). In fact, I discovered a hidden purpose in the midst of motherhood–the power of mom. Strong women can take the organizational and sanity skills necessary to cope with kids, debt and other problems and use those skills in other areas. In my case, I was able to create a thriving business by leveraging a professional and educational background with the practical and personal aspect of what it means to use creativity, business acuity and common sense to pay down debt and build wealth. In essence, the power of mom.

So whether you’re a mother of one, four, or more–don’t be shy about pursuing your passion. Live each season to the fullest–whether you’re at home or at work. Don’t apologize for your choices and let the world know that you don’t mess with mom!

Ellie Kay
America’s Family Financial Expert (R)

©2016-2020 Ellie Kay


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