Babies! I LOVE babies!

When I married my husband, Bob, I got a “three for one” deal that included a great guy–and two babies.Step-daughters, that is…add five more babies in seven years and you get a total of seven! Now, thanks to that original “three for one” deal, I’m a grandma (should I say step-grandma? I’m not old enough to be a grandma!). We have an adventurous grandson and a beautiful baby girl (who has Bob’s eyes). One of the tips that helped Bob and I so much when we had all those babies (and three in diapers at once) was my homemade baby wipes recipe. I get more requests for the following recipe than I do for practically any other resource.

I know that it can save the average family about $300 a year and you know that the ingredients are safe. Plus, it’s eco-friendly as well because you don’t have to keep discarding baby wipe packaging! So share this with your friends, family and everyone who loves babies!

Ellie Kay’s Baby Wipe Recipe (C) 2012

1 Round plastic container with lid (about 6 inches tall and wide enough to accommodate 1/2 roll of paper towels)
1 Roll of heavy-duty paper towels (no cheap store brands)
4 Tablespoons baby oil
4 Tablespoons baby shampoo
4 Tablespoons baby bath
1 to 2 cups of water (depending on the absorbency of the towel)

Cut a small X (about an inch long) in the plastic lid of the container. Cut the paper towels in half to make two short rolls of towels. Use one and save one. Put the first three ingredients in the bottom of the container and add one cup of water. Stir well. Place the paper towel, cut side up, in the water for a few minutes. Then turn it over, cut side down, to let the other side absorb the liquid. Let sit for five minutes. If the roll of paper towel still has dry portions on it, then keeping adding water, ½ cup at a time, at five minute intervals, until towels are completely damp (not dripping, just damp). After the center of the paper towel tube is wet, gently pull it out of the center of the towels. Pull the towels from the center, and thread through the X in the lid of the plastic container. Seal. Will keep fresh for up to one month.

Ellie Kay

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