What do parents do to get by in our economy when they have 3, 4 or more kids? As a mom of seven, I’ve been asked how I handled buying clothing on one military man’s income. Here are some tips for you to share with your friends who are raising a gaggle of great kids! VS- Mama Welcome Home - Five kids - First Biz trip

Top Tips To Buy Clothing For 3, 4, or More

  • Budget – This is fairly basic, but if you don’t already have a household budget with a clothing budget allocated, then you’re setting your large family up for failure.  The clothing allowance for most family budgets is 5% to 8% of your total budget.  Determine what this amount is and purpose to stay within that budget. For an online budget, go to my tools at Ellie Kay.com  This will cut down on debt and in the long run, help to de-stress your financial situation.
  •  Investment Purchases – For parents of larger families, buying clothing should be a carefully considered investment. Cheaper is not better for three, four, or more children.  For example, if you spend $25 on jeans for Billie (because they are better quality) rather than $12 for cheaper brand, they’re going to also last for Billie’s younger brother, too.  In the long run, higher quality clothing can be passed down the line and will save you from having to spend an additional $12 on another pair of cheap jeans for the next sibling.  Consider the quality, durability and wear of the clothing you buy and consider it an investment.
  • Unisex Clothing – If your children are different sexes then it’s impossible to pass along clothing, right? Wrong.  When you buy jeans for older children, try to get ones that are not gender specific. Do the same thing for coats, plain shirts, t-shirts, belts—even hoodies.  Some great low cost online clothing sites are NoMoreRack Overstock and even eBay .  If you are getting ANYTHING on line, before you select “purchase” check for coupons codes first at RetailMeNot . Or, another alternative is to go to  Save1.com, a family owned coupon and loyalty site representing more than 5,000 of the top online merchants. What makes us different this site different is that when someone shops from Save1 to save money, they provide a healthy meal to a malnourished child through one of thier non-profit feeding partners.
  • New to You Wardrobe – A very creative approach to clothing your child is to trade out all the clothing you cannot pass to your other children with another more than four family.  Look for people in your moms group, gym, workplace, neighborhood, or church who have quality clothing and a child who is a year or two older than the child you need to outfit.  Then, see if they have a different child that you can outfit from your child’s outgrown clothing.  Swap your quality clothing for theirs and your child will have a new wardrobe.  It’s still important to get a few brand-new things for each child, like shoes, so that they will feel special and won’t have to wear hand-me-downs all the time. But the swapped clothing can be especially great for two categories of clothing:  1) play clothes, which are going to be soiled and stained frequently.  And 2) church clothing, which are usually in better shape to begin with because they’re not worn as often. You can also find free items at Freecycle.
  • Don’t Whine—Consign! – For an easy credit at your local, quality consignment store, gather all your children’s outgrown clothing and take it in. Be sure it is clean, buttons are sewn on tightly (and all there) and that it is pressed if necessary—this extra care and effort will garner you a better credit.  Then use that credit to purchase your child’s clothing for the current season. To see if a consignment store is worth your time and effort, read their reviews on Yelp.

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