Blog - May 16 2013 - Delivering GroceriesWhen our kids were all young and still living at home, a trip to the grocery store was an event. For starters, trying to find an item on my enormous shopping list was an immediate challenge among my four boys to see who could get it first (it involved a lot of tackling, shoving and broken jars of mayo).

Then there was Bethany, screaming about Joshua pulling her hair or the fact she wanted a particular treat in Aisle 2. And, of course, there was the checkout line, where I would whip out my wad of coupons and absorb the scathing looks of people in line behind us as I cut my grocery bill in half.

Today, I can only imagine how much time and effort I would have saved if I had the convenience of grocery delivery, which is rising in popularity and convenience.

Go on, try it out!

More and more stores are testing the grocery delivery market – Walmart and Amazon are a couple of the bigger ones. Then there are online companies who specialize in grocery delivery, like Peapod (national) and Artizone (currently limited to Chicago and Dallas). Because of this increase in options (and since it’s a relatively new concept), companies will give you a deal for trying their delivery service.

For example, Walmart is offering $20 off and free delivery for your first order, while daily deal sites like GrouponArtizone give huge discounts on the first order for smaller companies. My son, Daniel, used for his first delivery and got $120 worth of local produce and groceries for just $60! Even if you just try out a number of different companies, you’ll be spending less than you would during a traditional grocery trip.

Saving more than you think

Think grocery delivery is all about convenience? Think again. In addition to saving you gas and time, it helps you in other ways:

  • Save money: Grocery delivery used to only be an option for those who didn’t worry as much about money, but now it’s more affordable than ever. Many companies have no delivery fee, or if they do, it’s very small. And the prices are comparable with traditional grocery stores, especially if you take advantage of online coupons.
  • Save time: This one almost goes without saying, as you’ll be saving a trip to the grocery store (which takes longer if you have kids). You also save the hassle of writing out a list, as you can keep track of your order online before you place it.
  • Save the planet: Many grocery delivery services combine a large number of orders onto one truck, resulting in a smaller carbon footprint. It also reduces wear and tear on your car. And if you order organic produce, you’ll be supporting local farmers.

As I said, just trying grocery delivery service will save you money in the short run. And if you take advantage of deals and coupons (many sites even have double coupon offers), you can save in the long run as well. Grocery delivery is only going to become more and more commonplace, so now is a great time to give it a try.

Ellie Kay

America’s Family Financial Expert (R) 

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