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Dad. Papa. Old man. World’s Greatest Fighter Pilot. We call the fathers in our lives a lot of different things (some more well-received than others), but most of us can agree that we appreciate them. With Father’s Day less than a month away, it’s time to start thinking of ways to show that gratitude to your paternal unit.
He might act like he enjoys that tie or bottle of hot sauce you get him every single year, but a unique gift every now and then can go a long way. Best of all, it doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are three unique ways to show your father or father figure some love this year, without spending a ton of cash.
Customized gift
We’re not talking coffee mugs or bumper stickers here… we’re talking something completely customized and unique. My son Daniel surprised me this Mother’s Day with a framed “Kay Family Rules” listing all the sayings we would tell our kids when they were growing up. It was funny, memorable and something even a father would appreciate.
At lesser-known sites like Etsy, you’ll find a wide variety of handmade and vintage gifts that can be personalized with a simple note to the seller. They even have a convenient section up right now that lists manly items like guitar pick bracelets, dog tags, robes and cufflinks.
Do-it-yourself project
Pinterest is all the rage these days. And while it’s another great option for finding a customized gift, it’s an even better starting point for something you can make yourself. For example, if your father has a particularly defined “power stache,” there’s a gift on Pinterest for a jar with an outline of a mustache, which can easily be made and personalized yourself. (Plus it makes a pretty good place for him to store his combs, razor and other items.)
Pinterest also has an app, so you can go to your favorite crafts or home store and keep track of the items you’ll need on your phone.

daniel papa easter hunt
Ball game or other experience
If you’re lucky enough to live by your dad, one of the most memorable gifts you can give him is simply spending some time with him. You could toss baseballs at the park, cook his favorite meal (barbecue, anyone?) or go to an event. Now is especially an affordable time to catch a baseball game by using sites such as Stubhub or Groupon, as teams are in the middle of their season and looking to fill seats for games against less-popular teams. There are also often free or cheap summer concerts, as well as deals on movies.
Basically, when it comes to a Father’s Day gift, a more expensive gift isn’t necessarily a better gift. Put some thought into it and he’ll be happy (just don’t call him one of the names he doesn’t like).

Ellie Kay
America’s Family Financial Expert (R)

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