Woo the one you love—Have fun:

Some of the best dates I’ve had with Bob have been the simplest ones—when we take time out of a hectic schedule, turn off the radio, television and computer, and just enjoy each other’s company.

Bob and I have discovered that we don’t need a trip to Rio, an expensive meal at a posh restaurant, or a big day at the them park to have genuine, guilt-free fun. You can #savemoney and have fun at the same time!Anniversary - 25- Bob and Ellie by Window Take it from me and my mounds of correspondence from debt riddled readers who are paying big credit card bills for family fun—accumulating debt isn’t relaxing.

Since summer is coming to a close, I thought I would share a few secrets to enjoy the weather and woo the one you love.

  • Beach time: When playing in the waves, take time to snuggle your mate in the water. Walk to a ice cream shop on the strand and talk about your worst sunburns.
  • Balcony Dates: Try to select a room with a view and while the kids are asleep or watching a movie, have coffee on the veranda under the stars.
  • Flowers anyone?: Surprise your mate with a bouquet from a street vendor or local field (but not your neighbors yard).
  • Sunsets: Check out the time of sunset at Weather Channel and then schedule dinner at a local restaurant, asking for a table with a view.
  • Gifts: Before your vacation, wrap a few inexpensive, yet meaningful gifts for your mate. Place one on his/her pillow each night. Or if not on vacation, do it for fun one night.
  • Touch: Meaningful touch can often get lost in the rapid pace of life. Grab your spouse’s hand and give him a kiss under the moonlight.
  • Carriage Ride: Take advantage of the romantic element in family activities. Let your kids rid in the front of a carriage ride while you snuggle in the back.
  • Reflection Time: Schedule a date at the end of each day to share what you felt was your most romantic moment and why—you may be surprised at what you learn about your mate in the process!
  • Go to an Outdoor Concert or Movie Screening: Check the local listings in your town or nearby area to see the summer showings and events. Pack a picnic lunch and bring a couple of lawn chairs if it’s appropriate. Or, bring a blanket and cuddle as you watch the free entertainment.
  • Learn Together: Take a dance, art, woodworking, or pottery class together – sites like Groupon and Living Social often have deals for these types of events
  • Become a tourist: You will not believe the number of New Yorkers who have never been the Statue of Liberty, or how many Chicagoans haven’t seen The Bean. Embrace being a tourist for a day and meander around the famous sites in your town or local area. Make a fake budget and “buy” a few souvenirs or wish list items and compare. Oh, and take pictures!
  • Have a Bookstore Scavenger Hunt: Go to the local bookstore and find books that describe you, like finding a book about your favorite cuisine, a place you want to visit, or a hobby you would like to take up. End at the coffee shop and compare notes.
  • Tour a local brewery or winery: Most breweries and wineries offer free tours which usually include free tastings at the end!
  • Movie Night: Rent a Redbox, search Netflix, or pop in a family favorite and stay in for the night. Make some popcorn on the stove and throw pillows on the floor with blankets for a cuddle-friendly seat.

Ellie Kay

America’s Family Financial Expert (R)

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