Can you believe we are already half way through February? Ellie Kay Media - Jan 2011 SMT NYCJanuary 1st seems so far away, and New Year’s resolutions are probably once again broken and done with until next year. If you are finding it difficult to keep up, check out a few of these apps that will help you keep on track. Not only will some of them save you money, but a few of them are really good at keeping track of your cash flow.

Manage Your Money Smartly:

  1. 1. is one of my favorite sites for helping to track money—and they have an app! It is safe and secure to enter your account information into the app, and it will calculate your budget. You are able to edit your budget, and keep to it as time goes. There is also an advice stream where you can get good tips on investment, savings, and general banking.
  2. 2.     Spending Tracker—Just like there are great weight-loss apps out there that help you track calorie intake, there are great tools to help with your financial intake and outtake. Just knowing and keeping up with these spending habits can help with the overall goal of saving money. Spending Tracker is a good option because you don’t need to link your credit cards and banking account information, so it is safe, as well. It is also easy to input the data of what is going in and what is coming out. There are even graphs that track your spending over time.
  3. 3.     ScanThis app was originally created to scan QR codes to read messages. While it can still do that, it also can scan an items bar code at the store and look up the prices online. This is a great way to compare prices and make sure you find the best deal.

Find Local Deals:

  1. 4.     LivingSocialAlong the lines of Groupon and Google Offers, is a great way to get deals in your area. The app makes it easy to find deals on the go, and even the deals closest to you.
  2. 5. is also one of my favorite sites/apps. It alerts me when there are great deals on hotels, flights, vacation packages, and even spa days. I love using this to treat myself or a friend to a little adventure—local or abroad!

Save In Your Workouts:

  1. 6.     POPSUGAR ACTIVEWant to save money on going to the gym? This app has great workouts to help you get in shape. It has videos and guides to target specific areas. There are also different workouts for the variety of machines you may own in your home (elliptical, treadmill, yoga mat, free weights, etc.). And if you prefer the outdoors, has phone accessible soundtracks to various workout routines.
  2. 7.     MapMyRunIf you are a runner, or even if you like to take walks, this app from works as a GPS to track how far you are walking and in what amount of time. It tracks the calories you burned, and can even keep up with your calorie intake if you choose. believe it or not, this free app will save you money by foregoing the GPS tracker or pedometer.

Bonus: Save Shopping Online and In Stores

Retail Me Not – We mentioned this app in a previous blog about apps that save you money, but I love it so much I wanted to mention it again. With over 400,000 coupon codes on everything you buy online and in a traditional store, it makes sense to have this app. It has saved my family several hundred dollars every year by taking the time to check and see if there is a coupon code for the store where we are shopping. This last month, I saved $15 on UGG slippers, $30 on dress shoes and $5 on coffee!

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