HAH - PATRIOTIC KIDSI just met an amazing Navy Seal spouse who was so inspiring! She was married to a Seal and when he passed away in the line of duty, she became a single mom. Years later, she married another Navy seal and today, she helps spouses cope with the lifestyle, demonstrating the incredible resilience that is necessary to be the family member of an elite military force. She’s a hero at home.

As I spoke with this commander’s spouse, she indicated that one of the main areas that impact military readiness is financial readiness. Here are a few quick tips on ways to be healthier financially. If you haven’t taken advantage of these areas, why not consider looking into them right now?

Helping families with financial readiness is one of the reasons we continue to take the “Heroes at Home Financial Conference” on the road. Please stop by our facebook page and let us know that you want us to bring this fun, upbeat and informative conference to your community. Thanks to generous donations from USAA, we are able to give away copies of the “Heroes at Home” book as well as iPad minis, AAFES gift cards and more. We may be coming to YOUR base in 2015 as we map out our tour.

Also, let me know some ways that YOU save money at your base!

  • Commissary Sales – The more preparation you can do at home, the more you can save while shopping for groceries. Go to www.commissaries.com or in order to find out what is on sale and match up coupons with sale items to save even more.
  • Rebates for Military Families – You may be able to get money back for the items you buy at the base exchange. Go to www.aafes.com to view the current rebate offers.
  • Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act – If your military member qualifies, this act could allow interest rates on pre-service loans to be reduced to as low as 6%–including credit card debt. Go to your local  Airman and Family Readiness Center, Army Community Service center or the equivalent to see if you qualify.
  • The $350 Tip – That’s the average amount that consumers pay for an initial review of their finances by a CPA or CFP. For military members and their families, this kind of financial service is available for free at their local ACS (Army Community Services) or the equivalent. It’s also available through MFLC (Military Family Life Counselors).  So make an appointment today and you’ll not only get your finances in order, you’ll save $350 in the process!

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