In part two of our moving series, we share some great pre packing tips! And if you missed it, check out Military Family Moves: Part 1 from last week!

Moving TruckVideotape: Karen Evensen, an USAF wife says, “Videotape the contents of your house before you pack your belongings. This is not only good for insurance purposes but also for redecorating. So, you can remember what kind of arrangement you had in your previous home. If there is ever any question as to the quantity, condition, or value of an item, you have the proof. It is also helpful if you don’t have time to do a detailed inventory of books and small items. Just make sure to tape slowly and close up. And speaking of small items, put the television remotes in plastic baggies and tape them directly to the TV.”

Utensils and Small Items: “Put all your silverware and other utensils in gallon size zip lock bags. That way they stay clean and you don’t have to wash them when you get to your new destination. They just go right into the drawer.” Says Jill Mingear, wife of an Army helicopter pilot. She adds, “Use two gallon sized baggies for toys with many parts or for games. Use one of these baggies for screws, bolts, and nuts for the larger pieces of furniture, such as beds. Tape these baggies to a drawer or the back of the furniture.”

Sheets: Bonnie Weida, an Air Force wife says, “Put clean sheets in a plastic bag and zip them into the mattress before a move. This makes them easy to find without going through boxes.”

Trash and Treasure: “Empty all your trash cans and wash them out before they are moved. Movers will even box up the garbage!”” says Jody Dale, USA wife and mother of three. She adds, “Keep the kids audio and video tapes and books out for traveling and put them in a neighbors home for the day. The movers can pack so quickly, that these ‘travel necessities’ could find themselves inside the moving van rather than you mini-van!”

Pets: Karen says “If you have a cat, get the disposable kitty litter box while you’re moving and setting up your new household. They also fit on the floor of the car or under the seat in a van and can be covered up when not in use. They usually don’t smell and when you are done, the entire box goes into the trash.” Many pets can get in the packers way and even harm themselves. Consider putting them in a neighbor’s yard or kennel for the big day. Ask your veterinarian for sleeping or travel sickness pills to help your pet sleep during travel days. Think about your pet’s safety and comfort as you travel and plan accordingly. For example, be sure they are never left in the car on hot days.

Survival Box: Karen also recommended making a “survival box.” She makes sure it is the last item ON the truck and the first OFF. It should contain: toilet paper, Kleenex, an iron, towels, bedding and a shower curtain.

Children: Young children should be in the care of a family member or neighbor on moving day to ensure their safety. However, it’s important that they see part of moving day so they know they’re stuff didn’t just disappear—it went into a box and is on the way to the new home!


I am really excited to be apart of Army Wife Network next week on February 16, 2015 8:00 PM EST. Make sure you tune in!

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