What happens in Vegas, never stays in Vegas—it gets populated on Facebook! If you follow us on our Facebook page, you’ll see that “Heroes at Home” made a big splash in that city.

In our Heroes at Home Financial Event Tour, I present a segment called “Heroes at Toastmaster AS Presentation- ScarlettHome” where we talk about the amazing way that our military members and their families not only survive the challenging lifestyle, but they thrive by demonstrating key characteristics. Every time we present this, we find our audience laughing and eventually crying, but they leave feeling inspired and they know that the sacrifices they make are worth it.

As “America’s Family Financial Expert” I’m often in the media giving advice and as a corporate spokesperson, I help Fortune 500 companies launch new products and services. In all these venues, I talk about our Heroes and our Heroes at Home, informing a civilian population about the unique characteristics that comprise a heroic group of Americans. While my profession is finances, my passion is military families.

This past weekend, the Heroes at Home message went international when I presented this keynote to a Toastmasters International audience of over 1000 Toastmasters and more as it was streamed live, internationally, as well. WHAT AN AUDIENCE! They not only caught the vision of what it means to serve our country, they got behind the message 100%. In the process, I received the very rare designation of “Accredited Speaker” which is awarded to less than 1% of all Toastmasters globally.

Toastmaster Accredited Speaker Official PresentationA quick recap of the characteristics of successful military families:

  • A Sense of Humor – this lightens the load and brings joy to the journey.
  • Patriotism – Even if you are riding a mechanical bull in Billy Bob’s you can still be a patriot and proclaim that you are proud to serve America.
  • Courage – Admiral Chester Nimitz said of the Marines in Iwo Jima – “Uncommon valor was a common virtue.” I believe those who serve today show that same kind of courage.
  • Faith – There’s a chapel at every base and a chaplain assigned to every unit in our armed forces. Whether you are an atheist or an Anglican, you have an equal place at the table.
  • Legacy – Even though 1% of the American population protects the rights and freedoms of the other 99% of us, we are still a part of a long line of military service. In this audience and all our audiences, we see 80%+ of the hands going up saying that someone in their family has served.Toastmasters - Accredited Speaker Award

My husband, daughter and friends were in the audience, and others who can be called Heroes and Heroes at Home. The exciting part of the message was that this audience gave our Heroes at standing ovation when I encouraged them to tell our Heroes:

We love you.

We are proud of you.

And together, we will be all right.

We are building this tour for Fy16 and will be going to Europe and wherever else we are invited, spreading the word of hope, help and humor to our military members and their families.

Thank YOU for your service and thank you for your time.



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