As we travel the world with the Heroes at Home Events, sponsored by #USAA it’s so gratifying to meet our Heroes and our Heroes at Home. But what are the characteristics of someone who is one of these heroes?  After all, putting on a uniform or supporting a military member doesn’t make you a hero. It’s those who develop these characteristics who really stand out as our Heroes at Home.

I’ve been asked to please post the Top Ten Characteristics of a Hero at Home as a written version of what I speak about in these military venues. So today’s blog is dedicated to you, the Hero at Home. You may have your servicemember with you, they may be deployed, or they may be due back home any day.

HAH Ellsworth - 28 BW - B1
The Top Ten Qualities of a Hidden Hero

  1. Sense of humor An ability to laugh at oneself and with each other.
  2. Flexibility What it’s called when you create an elaborate candlelight dinner and farm out the kids for the night, and your husband calls to say he’s not coming home because they have an inspection coming up.
  3. Courageous The ability to wave good-bye for the two-hundredth time, fight back the tears, smile, and say, “I love you, I’m proud of you, and I’ll be all right.”
  4. Extraordinary An ability to move fifteen thousand pounds of household goods in twenty-four hours.
  5. Strong Nerves of steel (for all those close calls and near misses).
  6. Patriotic Unashamed to shed a tear during the presentation of the colors or the singing of the national anthem.
  7. Faith-Full Brimming over with faith in God and true to your HAH - PATRIOTIC KIDScountry.
  8. Independent Confident during solo parenting gigs, but ready to move to interdependence when the spouse comes back home.
  9. Acronym Reader The ability to decode three-letter acronyms (TDY, PCS, UOD,
    MRE, OIC, SOF, BDU, SOL, etc.).
  10. Superhero The capability to conquer new lands, stay in touch with old friends, keep the home fires burning, jump buildings in a single bound, and stay out of the funny farm.

Which characteristic is your favorite and which one do you need to work on today? 


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