My husband, Bob and I lived on military bases for the first dozen years of our marriage. When you move eleven times in thirteen years it doesn’t make sense to buy! When we finally settled one place long enough to purchase our first home, we were thrilled and had “imposter syndrome” for the first month or so. We kept waiting for the “real” owners to show up and kick us out of the house! Alas, it was a dream come true and we truly enjoyed that home. Now…I know what some of you are thinking–is that a picture of my house? No, it’s not, it’s just one of the many, many gorgeous homes that are on the market in America.

If you are a Hero, and you buy, sell or refinance a home, then your situation just got significantly better.  “Heroes” is a term that includes Firefighters, Law Enforcement, Military Personnel (active, reserves and veterans), Healthcare Workers, Emergency Medical Services Workers and Education Professionals.

Heroes at Home is currently partnering with The Heroes Come First program which is directly in line with our commitment to our community of Heroes and Heroes at Home. And it’s more than just the commitment of our non-profit organization, it’s very personal. My Grandfather was in the Army Air Corp and paid the ultimate sacrifice on his 47thbombing mission, my father was a retired Chief Master Sgt, my husband is a retired Air Force fighter pilot and I have sons who currently serve as officers in the Marines, Air Force and Army. We are honored to present this program to our community and those we serve in our financial education events.

This program is part of the Heroes at Home mission to provide resources that can help military members, veterans and their families, with financial education and resources that can put more money back in their pockets.

Heroes Come First Team Leader Joe Kelly said that “the Heroes Come First program was created to offer meaningful assistance to heroes as a way of saying thank you for their service.” The Company also formed its Hero First Team, a group of lending professionals passionate about serving heroes to provide dedicated support to heroes and their families. The Heroes Come First Program through Access National Mortgage enables participants to receive an average of $2,000 when they buy, refinance or sell a home. In addition to providing financial rewards to heroes, Access has pledged significant periodic donations to Heroes at Home under this public-private partnership to help further the Heroes at Home community mission.

“We’re proud to team up with Heroes at Home,” said Kelly. “This is an important partnership, which will help us expand our reach into the communities Heroes at Home serves. We’re very excited about helping even more heroes accomplish their mission of home ownership.”

Our mission is financial readiness for military readiness and the Heroes Come First program helps our community by guiding them in making wise choices when they purchase a home and it also provides them with a check at the end of the process that they can put toward a savings account, retirement or paying down consumer debt.

What is your dream house? Let me know how you are reaching that dream and if you are a hero, be sure to get that extra check back when you buy, sell or refinance.

Ellie Kay

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