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Holiday Travel Planning Guide – Hint: Buy Early

  One of my favorite things to do when I have my adult children home is to go to church. We always went as a family when they were growing up and having them join in when they are home brings back great memories. The last time they came...

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Identity Theft Protection for Girlfriends, Grandma and Grandkids

My husband brought me the credit card bill and asked “What did you DO on your last trip to New York?” He was stunned, “These charges are to a tattoo shop, an liquor store and a series of bars. Please tell me this is some kind of mistake!” It...

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The Millennial Boomerang

“My kids will never come back to live with us after they are launched.” “I don’t have worry about boomerang children, mine have great jobs.” “Junior would never get into trouble and need me to bail him out, he’s a good boy.” Have you ever made a declarative statement...

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