Heroes at Home



Heroes at Home

Heroes at Home: Help and Hope for America’s Military Families. An essential guide for military families and those who want to support military families.

Military families, whether active duty, reserve, or National Guard, have a champion in Ellie Kay. In this revised edition of Heroes at Home she continues to inspire and encourage the families left behind during dangerous missions, long hours, and even longer deployments. Always practical, Ellie helps those serving their country stretch a dollar, keep in touch over long distances, prepare for separations, and so much more.

Ellie and her Air Force pilot husband have raised a large family while weathering the many moves and deployments that military families experience. Her insights are valuable for Reserve and National Guard families as well as full-time active duty military personnel and their families.

New and Expanded Third Edition ©2012


“Ellie Kay has hit another home run! Heroes at Home is the latest and greatest in a long series of her how-to-hack-it packets for families. With her customary insight, thoroughness, and humor, Ellie has written an articulate must read for every family in uniform.”

– Major General Pete Todd
USAF (Ret)

“A sorely needed guide providing keen insight into military life and the challenges a million Americans face every day as they serve as both Heroes at Home and afar.”

– Col. Jeffrey O’Leary (Ret)
Director, Mission of Joy, and author, Taking the High Ground

“Commanders at all levels know how essential it is for the ‘rear echelon’ to have a ‘state of readiness’ not unlike the deployed forces. Ellie Kay has, with wit and wisdom, captured this essential need in Heroes at Home. It is a wonderful tool for service spouses, but also should be read by service members. The greater understanding of the challenges that the rear echelon faces in separation, moves, and the unusual demands of departure, reentry, and family management, the better those heroes will be ready to support the forward deployed. Yes, spouses of America’s Armed Forces are truly the Heroes at Home.”

– Brig. Gen. Dick Abel—USAF (Ret),
Executive Director, Military Ministry, Campus Crusade

“Ellie writes with the insightfulness of experience, mixed with humor and inspiration! Truly an uplifting and beneficial sharing of experience and information.”

– Kathleen A. Harmon
Military family member for 32 years

“With wit, wisdom, and compassion, Ellie Kay has given us a book that inspires the highest form of patriotism. Heroes at Home is filled with stories that will capture your heart, but the author moves the reader beyond inspiration to understanding how to provide ‘hands-on’ help to American military families. The practical applications woven with poignant illustrations will make this book a classic manual for every American who wants to ‘do something’ to help our country.”

– Carol Kent
President, Speak Up Speaker Services,
international author and speaker

Book Details:

ISBN: 0764205595
Format: Softcover
Pub. Date: July 1, 2008
Publisher: Bethany House


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