Booking Ellie Kay for Speaking/Media Appearances

“When Ellie took the stage at our annual rally, she was met with enthusiastic applause from 8,000 of our best jewelers. After she made us laugh and cry, the audience also found that they learned a few things. She left the stage to a standing ovation. She talked to the arena of women as if they were friends meeting over a cup a coffee and connected in a way that was exceptional.”

Jeff DiMiceli, Premier Designs
Rally Event Co-ordinator

I’ve sat in on hundreds of conferences and know the difference between a speaker that can hold an audience and one who makes us keep looking at our watches, thinking “Aren’t they done yet?” There have been times when speakers are so bad that I start to have a panic attack, wondering if anyone would notice if I casually walked over to a window and jumped out.

As former conference planner, platform speaker, corporate spokesperson and as a busy mom who doesn’t like to waste time as a captive member of a tortured audience, I like to think I know what event planners want when it comes to a speaker. My goal is to be the kind of speaker that you always hope for, but rarely find. I believe that I’ve met my goal in the hundreds of events I’ve had the privilege to speak in around the world.

Whether you are looking for a speaker for a corporate event, womens conference, arena event, off site, military family conference, financial workshop, “Girls Night Out” or a faith-based event, I would like to be your best option.

What You Can Expect

Here’s what you can expect from my team:

  1. Courteous and prompt replies to your online queries, phone calls and emails.
  2. A personal conference call with your team prior before to the event, so I can understand how to best meet your needs as an event planner and also serve your audience.
  3. An announcement about your event on my blog and social media channels, if your event is open to the public. I will also do up to three phoner radio interviews that are set up by your PR people to promote the event.
  4. A polished and professional, dynamically delivered presentation focused on meeting the needs of your audience.
  5. A quick follow-up contact after the event, to make sure that I met your expectations.


A Little Bit About Me

While my bio on this website says I am the best-selling author of fourteen books including The Sixty Minute Money Workout, Living Rich for Less as well as The Little Book of Big Savings (all with Waterbrook/Random House). I just sometimes read that and think, blah, blah, blah. When you’ve been doing this kind of work steadily for 20 years, you’re going to have a bio that is an arm long. But I prefer to think of myself as a woman who believes that every person or family can be free from the worry of money by following the steps I give them in my presentations or on television.  I learned some of these principles from a young age.

  • When I was a little girl, my older sister did the talking for me.
  • I would grunt and whine and point.
  • My sister would announce, “She wants a cookie.”
  • My mom took me to the doctor because I was three and I wasn’t talking and he said, “Don’t answer her unless she does the talking for herself.”

It appears to have done the trick because today, one of the ways I help meet people’s needs is by being an international speaker, presenting at arena events with 8,000 people in attendance and through the media. The first time I was on television, it was as the showcase winner on The Price is Right. When I was on the show with Bob Barker, I was expecting baby #5 and I never expected to become a media veteran. To date, I’ve appeared on over 800 radio/tv stations/programs including CNBC, CNN and Fox News. I’m seen regularly on ABC NEWS NOW as one of their experts. In my free time, I’m an international radio commentator for Money Matters and Focus on the Family.

On the corporate side of life, I really have a lot of fun being a financial spokesperson, having worked for over 50 Fortune 500 companies through SMT and RMT events in the last decade. For those of you who don’t know what as Satellite Media Tour or Radio Media Tour is, let me educate you. An SMT/RMT is where I fly to NYC from LA, get up at 2:00 AM (my time), go into a TV studio and drink a gallon of coffee chased down by three Red Bulls. Then I stumble into makeup, practice the messaging points for 30 minutes, then sit in front of a camera connected to satellite with a microphone in my ear and listen to the technicians make fun of my slight southern drawl. After I’ve yelled at the techs for making fun of me (& promptly apologize), I smile sweetly into the camera and nail my first 3 minute interview with a news team from Boston. Then we repeat the same for Birmingham, then we do about 25 more live interviews until I get a 5 minute break and run to the girls room because of the gallon of coffee I drank. In the dozens of SMTs I’ve done, I hold a record of nailing 100% of messaging points. It’s loads of fun. By this time it’s noon and I go back to the hotel room and sleep a few hours before hitting Broadway to see the latest musical.

I  also like to hear from my viewers and readers and one of the ways I connect with audiences is by writing for six national magazines and using the input from readers to create books and blogs that will meet their needs. I’ve been interviewed loads and it amazes me as to how I can be a subject matter expert or writer for hundreds of national periodicals (WSJ, NYT, WA Post, etc)—but my kids can’t trust me to pick the right movie from Redbox.

One of the great passions of my life is coming alongside military families and not only helping them with money matters but connecting their hearts with a grateful nation who appreciates their sacrifices both home and abroad. I always cry at those reunion videos because as a military wife and mom, I know the truth behind them. To that end, my team has taken the “Heroes at Home World Tour” from coast to coast in the United States and to China, Germany, France, Italy and England.

I graduated from CCU between babies three and four with an MA in HR and I’m married to Bob (AKA The Worlds Greatest Fighter Pilot), who is currently a test pilot and retired USAF fighter pilot. I’m the proud mom of two step-daughters and five natural children—and I love all seven. We live in Palmdale, CA, which is in Los Angeles County. For more information, go to my about page.


My Video Clips:

Please visit my Multi-Media Center

My Most Requested Topics:

Living Rich for Less

This presentation can be tailored to meet the specific topics your audience finds valuable. It is a mainstreet approach to finances and it is presented in an engaging matter with the right balance of humor and real life stories that keep the audiences enthralled. The financial topics can include ways to slash budgeting costs by as much as 50%, stretch entertainment & vacation dollars, invest modest funds, easily improve a FICO score, and how to get out of consumer debt. Ellie Kay can also discuss how to raise fiscally fit kids & how she and her husband are putting their kids through college with no student loan debt. It is a presentation that can be adjusted to a time frame as little as 25 minutes or as long as an hour (or anywhere in between). This message has been presented in larger venues (8,000) and smaller venues as well (Wal-Mart corporate headquarters – 500 people).

Heroes at Home

One of Ellie’s signature keynotes, this is a timely message that includes an exploration of the top ten characteristics of a hero at home. Ellie shows how a sense of humor helps weather storms and has the audiences experience the value of this skill. When Ellie discusses the point of bravery and courage, she tells compelling stories that have even crusty gunnery Sgts crying. Through the use of convincing narratives and practical application, the audience is brought to the point where they are proud to be Americans and proud to have family members serve the nation through military service. She discusses how to manage relationships while separated, raise successful kids while in the military, and maintain a sense of humor in the midst of challenge. As a best-selling author and prolific media veteran, she has instant credibility with her military audiences. As a daughter of a Chief Master Sgt, wife of a fighter pilot and mom of a Marine and an Airman, she also brings the rubber-meets-the road credibility that has the audience compelled to listen and leave feeling empowered.

This keynote has been presented in arena events (with 8000 in attendance) and in venues as small as 30 military members. It is part of the Ellie Kay “Heroes at Home World Tour” and has been seen in China, Italy, France, Germany and England. Many of these venues have hosted her multiple times.

The Debt Diet

The best selling book, The Debt Diet, inspired a seven part series on Oprah that became Oprah’s Debt Diet. Ellie gives her personal rags-to-riches story of how she married into 40K of debt (without her knowledge), then on one military man’s income was able to not only dig out of debt, but begin to pay cash for cars, fund college investements, take the family on debt free vacations and live a lifestyle that was very comfortable. Ellie emphasizes the fact that “It is not about how much money you have, it’s about how you manage what you have.” She shares how those who earn 500K a year may have the same percentage of debt as those who make 50K a year. This step-by-step plan can help any family be free from the worry of money and become fiscally fit.

Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees

Every parent can raise financially responsible children with a great work ethic by following Ellie Kay’s secrets to success. This mother of many shares how to raise fiscally fit kids. With her signature humor and practical style, she gives specific help in the areas of how to develop a work ethic, allowances, fun kids budgets, saving, sharing and more. Even though you made have seen or heard Ellie on Fox News, ABC News, CNBC, MSNBC, NBC, Focus on the Family or KLove, she considers her main point of credibility to be the adult children she and her husband, Bob, have raised to become financially literate and debt free kids.  Ellie’s mantra with her own children is “My love for you is unconditional, but my money is conditional.” Whether your children are 2 or 20, Ellie can tailor this message to teach parents how to establish boundaries and pass along superlative financial readiness to the next generation. This message was endorsed by the Financial Literacy Jumpstart Foundation and has been seen in venues of 6,000 moms as well as in workshops with 50 or less. Ellie also published a popular book under the same title.  

Half Price Living

Every family can have the choice to decide whether mom wants to stay or home or be in the marketplace by hearing Ellie Kay’s steps to live on one income. Whether you are forced to live on one income due to job loss or a post recession economy, or, you want to live on one income to be home with your children, Ellie Kay has good news for you. She gives a step-by-step method of living on one income. This mother of many knows how to stretch a dollar, create a new home-based business and teach kids to contribute to the family’s bottom line as well. Ellie says, “I created this seminar and the accompanying book to help moms have the option of staying home in a current financial culture where they do not have that option.”

Homemade Business

Every person can have a successful homebased business and the freedom that comes with being your own boss by understanding the keys to a successful homemade business. Living in a post recession economy, many families find themselves needing to stretch their income or develop new streams of income. In this presentation, Ellie Kay, the successful entrepreneur and mother of seven, will show you how to find the business that will work for you. Through narrative, she dramatically illustrates the point of how a stay-at-home mom or dad can create a million dollar business. She also gives a step-by -step method to evaluate different businesses to match which endeavor would best suit your personality type and start up cost budget. There’s no point in having a homebased business if you end up making only 50 cents an hour or you lose money! Ellie gives the audience options that make sense.  This was presented to an audience of 7000 in a corporate rally setting and has also been featured in the popular “Million Dollar Mom” blog and radio show.

Real Women Need Friendships

Every woman can pick and choose vital friendships that will meet her needs by discovering the five kinds of friends every woman needs. Ellie Kay created this message as an option for those who wanted her to keynote with her stand up comedy, but wanted to save her financial (or Heroes at Home) message for a separate keynote or a workshop. The result is a departure-from-the-norm speech that has audiences rolling in the aisles at Ellie’s various accents including Scarlett O’Hara, Yenta from NYC, and her own Mamacita from Spain. Whether you are a full time mom or a full time attorney–you need five specific kinds of friends in your life. This message is a celebration of women’s friendships for every walk of life–at home, in the community and at work. Ellie discusses how to cultivate these friendships and how to be a friend to others in your world.  This was well received in venues with 3,000 women and 4,000 women as well as smaller settings with 100 women or less.

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